Diet Ranger

What kind of food do you habitually eat and what do you drink? Is your diet natural, wholesome and healthy, or is it making you gain weight unhealthily?

If you're not eating a healthy diet of natural, fresh foods that you need to prepare and cook yourself, the chances are you're eating unhealthy, processed or store-bought meals that are full of horrible additives and loaded with sugars that are causing you to get fat!

Don't Be Fooled!

Too many people place their trust in what the supermarkets and grocery stores sell them as being healthy and good for them. Unfortunately, the real truth is that pre-packaged, ready-made and unwholesomely produced foods are anything but good for you and are most likely responsible for that weight gain you don't seem to be able to stop and can't figure out why.

Stop being fooled by clever packaging that makes so many food products look really tempting, tasty and healthy. When what's really inside there is slowly poisoning your body and causing it to manufacture and store way too much visceral (bad) fat!

If the cute, smiling family on the packaging make it look like it would be good for your family to eat and even if it somewhere says its "healthy," stop and think before you blindly drop it into your basket!

Is that food really healthy? How would you know?

What's in that Food?

You can start by reading the list of ingredients that by law must be clearly printed on any food product packaging. Yes, I really said that. READ THE DARN LABEL!

If you don't know what all those long, scientific words mean along with all those E numbers, get a book from the library or Google them on the Internet. Do yourself a huge (and I do mean enormous) favor and learn what all that stuff really is.

You're in for a nasty shock.

That's one of the reasons this website was created: To inform you of what dangers lie beneath that cute, wholesome looking packaging and what it is doing to your body.

If you're overweight and you think you need to go on the latest, greatest dieting program of this or that brand, think again. Maybe you don't! Maybe you just need to stop eating all the unhealthy, processed junk you've been unwittingly of the belief is good for you and change your eating strategy to one of only fresh, wholesome foods.

This site can help you do that!