Avoid Losing Weight Too Fast

It could be said that it is merely human nature to want what you want and to have it as soon as you can have it. This is a trait that seems to flow through most of Western civilization and while it may have become the norm, that doesn't necessarily make it right.

We apply this philosophy to most things including the state of our health. If we become overweight, we want to lose that excess weight as soon as we can, regardless of how long it may have taken to accrue. Should you try and make this happen as fast as you can?

Shocked into the Dieting Wrong Action

don't lose weight too fastWhen your body has taken what is probably many months or even years to gain the excess weight that you now carry around with you, you may not have even noticed it creeping up on you until an alarming incident brings it home to you. A friend or relative might drop a minor bombshell by remarking that you have gotten fat lately.

Or a work colleague might make a derogatory remark about how big you've grown to another when they think you can't hear them. Or it may come as a nasty wake up call when you try to squeeze into a seat on the bus or train if you haven't travelled that way for a long time and realize that you don't fit any more.

Maybe you could brush it off by reasoning that the bus or train company must be fitting smaller seats to get more into the space available. But the reality is that you are larger and it suddenly hits you that you need to do something about it.

The immediate reaction is you must quit eating most of what you currently eat. It seems like the most obvious of tips to get on a weight loss diet to you at the time. Many people do this as a knee jerk reaction to the realization they are overweight in the hope that it will cause all the excess pounds to suddenly drop off and everything will be fine again.

Of course, this doesn't happen and after a few days of practically starving yourself, you give up and go back to eating what you ate before. The problem is that you have already altered your body's metabolism by doing that and it is not for the better.

You will have slowed it down to counter what it sees as a sudden period of starvation, in which case it reacts by slowing down to preserve its reserves of energy, which is its store of fat. When you resume normal eating, you actually gain a few pounds because your body stores more fat in preparation for another period of starvation.

It doesn't matter if that period is not coming, your body doesn't know that, so makes preparations anyway!

Measured Weight Loss

The alternative is to give yourself time and lose the weight in measured amounts in a more reasonable time frame. You do this with a regulated, structured calorie controlled diet that allows your body to gradually lose weight at the rate of a pound or two per week. This might seem like it will take forever to get slim again, but it really is the only way if you want to stay slim once you have achieved your goal.

By including exercises into your easy weight loss plans, you boost your metabolism so that it works in your favor to burn more calories and strengthen your body so that it naturally keeps the weight off once it has been lost. This is the best way to lose weight, slowly and surely just as in the parable of the hare and the tortoise. Slow and steady wins this race too.