There is a saying that goes: you are what you eat. And what you eat and drink each day makes up your diet. So what are you eating and is it good for you? This part of the site looks at the many aspects of a person's eating regime and explores the differences between healthy and unhealthy eating habits that affect our health in many different ways.

dietRecent studies into the foods and their constituents that we consume have generally concluded that there are large differences in what the public perceive as being healthy and what is really good or not good for your health. It is with this in mind that I have taken it upon myself to dig deep and find out just what is good for me personally and share it with you with the proviso that you make up your own mind whether to accept or reject my conclusions and opinions.

How to Stick to Your Diet and Lose Weight

When you are trying to lose some of that extra weight and have started a great diet that promises to help you lose it easily, then it will benefit you immensely to be able to stick with it. This is important as many people upon finding their perfect diet, go and railroad themselves by cheating, believing that it won't make much of a difference.

The harsh reality is in the evidence to the contrary that is provided when stepping onto the bathroom scales! So here are some tips that will help you to stick to your diet and lose weight.

Start with a positive frame of mind

When you believe that you can achieve something and have the burning desire to achieve it, then you will find that dogged determination within you that will ensure you stick to your diet no matter what. Any temptations that try to get in your way will be ignored and you will feel great satisfaction in knowing that you are doing it for you.

Minimize any temptations that might be lurking

If your kitchen food store, refrigerator, pantry or larder contains any high calorie snacks, then you are going to be tempted to sneak some when you think no one is looking. Before you start your diet, make sure you do a clean sweep of the kitchen and remove all high calorie snacks.

If they are not there to tempt you, you will not get anxious every time you open the fridge or pantry door. A snack free kitchen is a dieter's heaven!

Write down everything that you eat and drink

This may sound like a lot of work, but actually, as long as you are honest and keep up with it, this exercise can warn you off the usual things that trip up a dieter's plan. It means you can't sneak that packet of potato chips you have your eye on and not write it down!

At the end of the day, you will be able to see clearly:

When you can see clearly what you ate the previous day, then as you start it all over again today, you are going to think twice about cheating on your weight loss plan.

Keep a few bottles of plain water in plain sight

One of the best things you can do when dieting is to drink plenty of plain water. This stops you feeling thirsty and helps you avoid the temptation to grab a can of soda. Even diet soda is bad for dieters because the artificial sweeteners actually stimulate appetite, making you eat more.

So boost your diet's chances of success by avoiding all soda by making sure you only drink plain water when you are thirsty. Keep a bottle in the fridge too, so if you open the door lo look inside, make the first thing you see that bottle of cool, refreshing water.

You'll be surprised at how big a difference these few simple tips can make to your diet. Using them can mean the difference between failure and a resounding success!

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